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(Fwd) printing quotes

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From:          CR1Net <CR1Net@xxxxxxx>
Date:          Tue, 21 Apr 1998 12:30:57 EDT
To:            cremers@xxxxxxxxx
Subject:       printing quotes

Hi, I'm working on an article about technological skeptics and I'm looking for
quotes about printing. I was told that at one time people believed that giving
the public access to books would disrupt the social order etc. Do you know
where I might find something like this? I've included an example below.


Charles Rogers
Interactive Editor

"I see what will be the effect of it; that it will set the whole world a-
gadding. Twenty miles an hour, sir! - Why, you will not be able to keep an
apprentice boy at his work! Every Saturday evening he must have a trip to Ohio
to spend a Sunday with his sweetheart. Grave plodding citizens will be flying
about like comets. All local attachments will be at an end. It will encourage
flightiness of intellect. Veracious people will turn into the most measurable
liars. It will upset all the gravity of the nation...Upon the whole, sir, it
is a pestilential, topsy-turvy, harm-scarum whirligig.
--editorial from the Western Sun (Vincennes, Indiana) 1830


Ton Cremers
(Book History Chronology)
(Cultural Property Protection)

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