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metal techniques....

the price for the book that Ed Hutchins recommended is still
$14.95 + $3 shipping.  That's "Metal Techniques for books"
by Laine Kaneshige. I just spoke with Liane and she is
getting calls about the book so I thought I would save
people some of the long distance calls by relaying that the
book is in stock and the price is as Ed quoted.

send $17.95 to Laine Kaneshige
1203 Hallen Dr
# D
Arcata CA 95521

for a copy.
Jeanne Drewes
Preservation Department                 voice 410 516 5486
Milton S. Eisenhower Library    NEW NEW!! fax 410 516 4355
Johns Hopkins University
3400 N. Charles Street          jdrewes@xxxxxxx
Baltimore, MD 21218

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