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Metal/Plexiglas, etc. Boards

        I have an unbound copy of Headbands and HOW To Work Them by Jane Greenfield
& Jenny Hille that I plan to bind in a Coptic binding with plexiglas covers.

Actual samples of the 14 styles of headbands described in the book will be

visible through the front cover, and  back one also, if necessary, mounted
in some manner such as in niches cut in foam board.  I haven't worked out
the details; I'm still trying to find time to make the headband samples.

The thickness of the samples page(s) may present a problem.  Also, drilling
holes in the plexiglass may be difficult.

Does anyone have suggestions?  Will it work?

    A few years ago, I made some minor repairs to a copy of a cookbook
written in the '40s by none other than Margaret Mitchell, who had been
commissioned to write the book by Wearever Aluminum.  The recipes all
advertised the use of aluminum pots and pans and bakewear.  The book was

The book was bound in alulminum colored paper, as I remember it.  I have a
picture of the restored book, but the shiny surface did not photograph
well.  Wish I had a scanner so that I could send it to you all.

It would have been a perfect book to bind with a pure aluminum cover.

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