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Re: Metal/Plexiglas, etc. Boards

How about drilling holes in the plexi which would approximate the tie-downs
and having the bead rest on the plexi itself. That should work for all but
the braided leather ones. The only messy part I can think of, assuming you
drilled the holes nice and neat is the threads on the back side... The
other thing to consider is that the book is a small elegant format so you
won't want your boards to be too thick.


At 02:25 PM 4/21/98 -0700, you wrote:
>        I have an unbound copy of Headbands and HOW To Work Them by Jane
>& Jenny Hille that I plan to bind in a Coptic binding with plexiglas covers.
>Actual samples of the 14 styles of headbands described in the book will be
>visible through the front cover, and  back one also, if necessary, mounted
>in some manner such as in niches cut in foam board.  I haven't worked out
>the details; I'm still trying to find time to make the headband samples.
>The thickness of the samples page(s) may present a problem.  Also, drilling
>holes in the plexiglass may be difficult.
>Does anyone have suggestions?  Will it work?

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