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Re: Metal Binding Replies -suppliers

Some other suppliers:

Rio Grande, in Albuquerque http://riogrande.com     (800) 545-6566 lots
of jewelry supplies, very nice catalog, usually quick & good service,
not cheap.  good source for precious metal, but not for copper & brass.

Copper and Brass Sales has outlets in many areas of the country (except
the plains and Rockies, it looks like), but they may not deal with small
orders at all (we never order less than 200 pounds at a time).
http://www.copperandbrass.com   (800) 926-2600  [the website, what I've
seen of it, gives a very limited impression of their products: they can
get you almost anything in copper, brass, stainless, nickel, etc.]

A.R.E. sells tools and equipment for jewelers, and has better prices
than most on small amounts of metal sheet. Hmm.  I can't find their info
here--they're somewhere in the Northeast, and primarily mailorder.  I'd
check with 800 information. (No website I can find--it wouldn't be like
them, anyway).

***If you want to go past premixed patinas, a good mailorder source for
chemicals is Bryant Lab in Berkeley, Ca.; they stock lots of chemicals
for patinas (and for other craft applications, including marbling).  Not
spectacular prices.  (800) 367-3141

N. Yeager wrote:

> A couple of people asked about the wedding albums and talked about lack of
> knowledge or skill with this. I'm going to bust myself on this - I don't
> have any training in metalsmithing - and I usually just try something out
> till I get something that works for me. If you don't know the rules, you
> don't know when you're breaking them! It's taken me a number of years to
> loosen up about my binding and "allow" myself to do things the way I want
> to rather than the "proper" way.
right on.


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