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Re: cloth tightback

Steven D. Hales wrote:
> Help! I want to do a military uniform cloth binding on _The Rise and Fall
> of the Third Reich_. However, it is over 1000 pages, and I plan to bind in
> pictures, maps, and assorted Nazi memorabilia. I forget the name for this
> sort of binding... it's right on the tip of my tongue. Anyway, I because of
> this, I want to bind it as a tightback.

Steve, why do you think a tightback would be preferable here? On a
book of this bulk you'll have problems enough with spine flexibility;
gluing the covering cloth to the spine will restrain it even further.
I'd be inclined rather to sew with a thin thread to control swell,
line the spine with several layers of Okawara, and use a tube. German
style, of course... I think you might be more satisfied with the
result. Also, instead of binding in a lot of extraneous material, you
may want to consider doing the addenda as a separate binding or
housing it in a box.
In any event, have fun.

Don Rash

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