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"Perfect" replacements for "perfect" bindings.

In the "I don't want to preserve the original binding" department, I have
several cheaply bound (Japan publications) books of low cost that having had a
few days use are coming apart.  Since I can easily buy a "storage" copy of
these books, I am looking to rebind them in a way that is both functional
(close to lay flat) and lasting (so I don't have to rebind again in a year (or
less!)).  I have several older books that I've asked various parties for binds
on restoring, but these books I would like to "play" with.  Searching the
book_arts-l archive for "perfect" and "rebind" (with various suffices and
spacings/dashes) seemed to yeild little info.  Any suggestions?  I'm tempted to
use one of Keith Smith's lay flat non-adhesive bindings, but wanted to also
find out what (if anything) others have done in similar situations.


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