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Donations wanted

To all,

        I am seeking donations of bookbinding materials for Cuban
bookbinders.  Cuba has a considerable community of hand bookbinders.
Unfortunately they are working under very difficult circumstances and
materials for making hand crafted books are in extremely short supply.
Often the materials are not available at all.  This is not a political
gesture on my part, but rather an attempt to simply help some binders
practice their craft for the benefit of all who use books.

        What I am seeking are materials that are useful to them and can
be carried to that country on my small boat.  Book cloths, thread and
paper meet those needs best.  They need the most basic items.
That buckram and paper that has been sitting on my shelf for years
is much more useful to them than collecting dust here.  Perhaps you have
some of the same and would like to help them out.  The most modest of
papers would be of the greatest importance to them.

        I am sailing from Key West on May 9th so I will need any
contributions a few days before so they can be properly stowed for the
passage to Havana.  It is best to pack both he paper and cloth in a
tube.  I will wrap it all in plastic before stowing it in the bilge.

        I don't know if any contributions would be tax deductible due to
the political situations between the U.S. and Cuba.  I am not going to
try to deduct my contributions.  The sum wouldn't be very large anyway.

        It would be great to have some help form anyone on this list.
Please send contributions to:

Bob Muens
Bookbinding and Conservation
513 Fleming St., Suite 5
Key West, Fl  33040
(305) 293-8881

to: IN:BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
cc: in:paper-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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