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Re: Two-needle Coptic Sewing

(snip)  It's only the first gathering that is loose, because it. is only
> connected to the second gathering at two of the four sewing stations.
> It tends to fall forward from the spine.
> >...you need to do some kind of
> >compensating if the implement you are using as your thread's leader is
> >thicker than the thread.
> One of the handbooks that I have makes reference to having the hole of a
> sewing station be the same size, if not slightly smaller, than the
> thread.  I suppose I could get around this in this case by doubling my
> thread in the needle for the moment.
> >Or you could try forcing a little thick PVA
> >into the sewing holes after you have cinched the stitches to keep them
> >tight around the thread. Or learn to love it a little loose.
> Well, I suppose I _could_ do that. ;-)

I get the sense that the first gathering is your real problem area, but
to make a hole nice and snug you can punch it with an awl, instead of
drilling, and then press the board back down into the hole when you are
done. As this is a Coptic binding are the boards already covered? Since
you talk about cutting a groove I assume not, but am not sure. Punching
is stronger and neater when done on bare boards and covered.

erin moore

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