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Re: Two-needle Coptic Sewing

>I get the sense that the first gathering is your real problem area, but
>to make a hole nice and snug you can punch it with an awl, instead of
>drilling, and then press the board back down into the hole when you are

Well, I did use an awl to make the holes, but the boards are
quarter-split wood (red oak), so pressing the board back down wouldn't
really work.

> As this is a Coptic binding are the boards already covered? Since
>you talk about cutting a groove I assume not, but am not sure. Punching
>is stronger and neater when done on bare boards and covered.

The original that I'm basing this binding on is a bit unusual in this
respect.  It's sewn in Coptic style, but then leather is pasted over the
boards and spine _and turned in_ after the Western European style.

Lyle H. Gray
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