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Re: acrylic inks

> bobbi s. wrote:
> > >Date:    Wed, 22 Apr 1998 14:17:51 -0500
> > >From:    Beth Priestley <bpturtle@xxxxxxx>
> > >Subject: acrylic inks
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> > >
> > >Does anyone know of good waterproof acrylic printing inks? I am printing on
> > >fabric with lino & rubber stamps,for books and clothing, and have been
> > >formulating/mixing my own acrylic inks from a variety of commercial
> > >products, with very limited success. Most acrylic inks are not waterproof,
> > >and Speedbal printing ink for fabic is not very good either. Oil-based
> > >etching inks are obviously water- and wear-proof, but due to health,
> > >disposal, environmental, housemate complaints & concerns, etc... Although I
> > >can print outside now in the summer, I would like to find acrylic inks that
> > >will work.
> > >
> > >Thanks in advance!
> > >
> > >Beth P
> > >Painted Turtle Designs
> >


I have used Golden fluid acrylic paint  and acrylic paint of normal consistency
for fabric and it is completely waterproof - I have washed and dried the work
without any change in color. Just like brushes, Lino and rubber stamps would have
to be kept in water so as not to get gummed up while working.  Bleeding would be
difficult to control when using fluid colors, not so much with the more viscous
paint- unless, as suggested in a previous post, you size the fabric beforehand.

Kim Itkonen

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