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acrylic inks

Dear Bobbi, Chris, Matthew & Kim (& Mary):
Thanks so much for the input - the problem that I have, and maybe you too,
Bobbi, is not bleeding on the fabric, but excessive slipperiness on the
lino block - the ink/acrylic "feels" too slimy, and gums up the fine
details. What I've been doing is mixing Liqutex colors & extenders with
Daniel Smith water-based printing inks, which gives a good feel and great
colors, but turns into rubber very fast - under an hour. Heat-setting them
helps the the washability - sometimes. I have also used Createx fabric
paints (and others), but again, the sliminess leaves an uneven look on the
blockprint. I will try some different brands that you have suggested -
perhaps the brand is the problem.
I guess I'm just stubborn about this - I love cutting blocks, and want to
use them. And, I am still hoping that someone will someday come up with a
really good environmentally-friendly printing ink.

P.S. There is a book just re-issued, that came up in a previous discussion,
"Imagery on Fabric" by Jean Ray Laury that is terrific.

Beth P
Painted Turtle Design

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