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waterbased block-printing ink

Hi all--

I was reading the threads about acrylic ink for printing on fabric and was wondering if anyone can recommend
a good waterbased ink for lino printing on paper? People I know keep saying nothing works like oil-based ink,
but I hate the turp-based cleanup process.

So against advice I'm experimenting with waterbased ink and experiencing the same sorts of troubles as people
printing on fabric -- thinned ink gets slimy and bleeds, while unthinned ink is gummy and leaves its "tacky"
texture on the paper.

But there must be some good waterbased inks out there. I recently looked thru the book "30 Years at Crown
Point Press" and was oohing and aahing (yeah, to myself in the library) over the woodcuts by Japanese print
artists --who used waterbased ink! OK, so they're master cutters and printers with a bazillion years of
experience. They must use good ink, right? Does anyone know anything about this?

BTW, the Crown Point book is pretty great -- lots of beautiful prints and an interesting story besides. I
feel lucky to have actually seen the "30 Years" print exhibition in DC last summer, too...

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