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Re: waterbased block-printing ink

>I was reading the threads about acrylic ink for printing on fabric and was
wondering if anyone can recommend
>a good waterbased ink for lino printing on paper? People I know keep saying
nothing works like oil-based ink,
>but I hate the turp-based cleanup process.

I would recommend exploring a different cleanup process before you change
inks. We use salad oil from squirt bottles to clean plates for all kinds of
printmaking. Followed with rubbing alcohol to remove any oily film, it works
very well. I have also seen tubs filled with sawdust used to blot off the
dirty oil - just rub the sawdust all over the plate that has had the ink
loosened with the oil, then, again, finish off with rubbing alcohol. We buy
the cheapest salad oil available at costco.

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