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Re: "Perfect" replacements for "perfect" bindings.

>> The process is young in binding terms, 8-10 years,
>Actually it's been around for longer. Polly Lada-Mocarski showed me a
>"flex-binding" (that's the old term for "double-fan") press in 1975, and the
>apprentices made thousands of books that way at Center for Book Arts. We
>didn't have the fancy press, so we took a headbanding press (like a small
>lying press) and put it up on a couple of bricks to get the required
>distance from the spine to the flex point.
>            Richard
>            http://www.minsky.com

Woops, should have been more accurate and said:  For us the process is
young, 8-10 years,

I got carried away.  Sorry.  But your notice made me do some informal
checking.  I found that fan binding has been recorded as far back as the
mid to late forties and that it's German technology.  In the US  the
Hertzberg (sp?) New Method has been used from the mid sixties.  I was told
that there was also someone who, at the turn of the century, developed a
method of binding books with rubber?!  Not very archival.


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