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Re: fan binding....

At 01:31 PM 4/25/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Another tip... instead of adding on the endsheet folios (mentioned by Peter)
>while applying the glue, you can simply add a waste sheet (best if its a
>card stock, or chipboard) front and back. After the book has dried, you can
>pull these off and tip on your endsheets.
>" I do this by hand, though, with a brush and use my
>fingers to wipe off any excess adhesive which might have gotten on the
>surface of the front and back page."
>another note- commercial library binderies have been using this (fan
>binding) as an alternative to the infamous oversewing for many years now as
>well. They use the 'stretch cloth' mentioned to allow a machine-produced
>rounding and backing. I don't know where to get this, but it is different
>from standard mull material.
>Scott Kellar
Could it be ordinary mull material cut on the bias?  That would make it
stretch in both directions.


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