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Padding Compounds

Re: BASIC CRAFTS Flexible Padding Glue, Catalog # 111Z

Could any member give me some information on the above flexible padding
glue?  I am looking for an identical type glue availiable from another

After Basic Crafts was absorbed by Bookmakers, I purchased the last two
gallons and am down to the last gallon.  I have tried the PVA(Jade 403)
padding compound and found it wanting.  I guess I was used to the
properties of the Basic Crafts glue.  I am now trying the Ganes padding
compound and like it a lot better. However I would like to go back to
using the Basic Crafts type flexible padding glue.

My understanding was that the Basic Crafts padding compound was not
environmentaly sound. Can anyone on the list verify this or have a
better insight why it was dropped?

Jim Trent

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