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Re: Where cloth and paper meet

Joyce Jenkins wrote:
> I am making a series of portfolios that have a bookcloth spine and either
> a strip along the fore edge like a half bound book or triangles on the
> corner like a quarter bound book.  I have found ways to do this, but I
> suspect that if I were watching half a dozen skilled binders doing the
> same task I would pick upsome useful tricks.  Since that is not an option
> I thought I would describe what I'm doing and ask for feedback and
> suggestions.
> I have two questions in particular--
>    1.  Making the join between the paper and the book cloth
>    2.  Getting the glued piece of paper the exact size and down in the
>           exact place

If you could supply some additional facts it might help:
-Size of your portfolios
-How many?
-What adhesive are you using?

Don Rash

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