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Dear Book Arts List: I am forwarding this message from Jenny Lesselbaum,
who I think would be a very promising intern/apprentice for a press or book
arts program or individual book artist for awhile this summer.

Please respond directly to Jenny Lesselbaum at

>Date:         Tue, 28 Apr 98 08:20:33 EDT
>From: Jenny Lesselbaum <AP201178@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject:      Bookmaking
>Charles, thanks for sending a response about my interest in an apprentice-
>ship in book-making for the summer.  I'm interested in spending about
>a month to six weeks learning how to make hand-made one of a kind books.
>Any kind of archival bookbinding, along with experimentation with materials
>ie collage, painting, three dimensional surfaces etc, collaboration with
>others who are familiar with fine book-making techniques.  My training
>is primarily as a painter, I have a BFA from The Rhode Island School
>of Design.  My paintings range from being a specific theme, right now I'm
>woorking on some childrens book illustrations, to more loose painterly
>I'd like hand paint the books that I learn to make.  I'm currently working
>at The Brown University Library where I've just begun to make some small
>books of my own.  I'm hooked.  I would prefer, of course, to get a position
>that pays something, or where some kind of trade is made.  It would be
>great to get out of the Northeast for a little while as well.  Would it be
>possible for you to forward this request to the book arts list?   Thanks
>for your help, Jenny

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