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Re: Where cloth and paper meet

>Here's a response to Dan's questions to help people answer my two
> >    1.  Making the join between the paper and the book cloth
> >    2.  Getting the glued piece of paper the exact size and down in the
> >           exact place
> If you could supply some additional facts it might help:
> -Size of your portfolios
     They're about 12 1/2 by 9 1/2--to hold standard US paper
> -How many?
     About half a dozen
> -What adhesive are you using?
>    PVA

Also I know I got the terminology wrong on quarter and half bound.  I
remembered that it had to do with how much cot covered in cloth or
leather, but I got the parts wrong.  I'm trying to decide if this
constitutes publicly embarassing myself since I only actually know two
people on this list--I guess I'm virtually embarassed!


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