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call for book artists

>From: bronx67@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 11:16:35 -0400 (EDT)
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>To: pdverhey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: call for book artists
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>Dear Peter:
>A number of book artists have suggested I contact you about a book I'm now
>writing for Rockport Publishers called "Making Memory Books by Hand." I'm
>looking for book artists from all over the country (and the world, in fact)
>to feature in this book, which will be a full-color, hardcover, 100-page
>book distributed in stores such as Barnes & Noble. It represents a chance
>for book artists to get rather decent exposure for their work. I've pasted
>into this email the Call for Book Artists for my project on the chance that
>you might post it at your site or at least pass it along to artists who
>might be interested in contributing. One note on the project: Although my
>book is about memory books, I'm interpreting that term rather loosely. I'm
>showing a large variety of books-for example, Beatrice Coron's "36 Views of
>the Empire State," a paper-cutting book about New York, will be included in
>my book's travel section. I'm open to all kinds of work, in other words.
>Feel free to email me or call me if you have any questions on the project.
>I am working under a pretty tight deadline, as always, and am eager to hear
>from as many people as possible. Perhaps you can help. I'd be most
>grateful. -Kristina Feliciano
>Rockport Publishers is seeking book artists from all over the world to
>feature in an upcoming art-instruction/coffee-table book called Making
>Memory Books by Hand.
>As the title suggests, the book will focus on memory books-books that are
>meant to commemorate specific occasions, events, or people, much as
>scrapbooks do, but that are crafted as fine art.
>Making Memory Books by Hand has been tentatively divided into the following
>categories: 1) events to remember-weddings, graduations, anniversaries,
>etc.; 2) family and friends-baby books, sentimental keepsakes, college
>days, "treasure boxes," parties, etc.; 3) travel-including vacations,
>travel diaries, and homages to different cultures; and 4)
>personal-including dream catchers and diaries.
>Each category will feature approximately 3 artists, showing, through
>photographs and text, the step-by-step process of making a book, from start
>to finish. Each category will also include a "gallery" section featuring
>examples of books in this category by a variety of artists. In all, the
>book may feature close to 40 artists or more.
>To have your work considered for the book, you will need to submit the
>1) slides or good-quality photographs of 4-5 different books you have
>created (please label all images with your name, phone number, and address,
>and the title of the work; please do not send the actual artwork)
>2) some biographical information, including a resume, as well as a bit
>about the kind of book art you do, your creative process, etc. (This
>information does not need to be particularly lengthy or formally
>presented-just give a sense of yourself and your approach to your art.)
>3) a self-addressed, stamped envelope suitable for the return of your work
>As the author of the book, I ask that you direct all entries and
>correspondence to me: Kristina Feliciano, 307 East 8th St., Apt. 5C, New
>York, NY 10009; phone: (212) 420-9680.
>A little about me: I worked for four years at American Artist magazine,
>where I was managing editor, and recently completed editing the book The
>Best of Pastel 2: Selected by the Pastel Society of America for Rockport
>Publishers. It's due out this summer.
>Rockport publishes fine-art and art-instruction books. Their titles include
>Making Books by Hand, The Art of Jewelry Making, and Creative Oil Painting.
>Making Memory Books by Hand represents an opportunity to demonstrate-and
>celebrate-book art. It's my aim to show a sampling of the best memory books
>out there. I look forward to hearing from you.

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