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                         BOOK EXPLORATIONS  '98
                         THE  VIEWERS' CHOICES

>On behalf of The New Art Forum I am happy to announce that the votes of the
viewers have been counted and the following four artist's books have tied
for first place and will split the $100 prize for their entries in

TRANSFORMATION a large hard-cover book with text and circularly movable
illustrations by JoAnne Berke and her students, prisoners at Pelican Bay
Prison, California;

DREAMLOG 1997 a 30-section miniature accordion book with tiny, sumptuous
artwork mounted on mica sheets which folds into its own little black box by
Genie Shenk of Solana Beach, California;

GENESIS a colorful 3-D pyramidal structure made up of connected, creased
squares containing text, marbelized paper, and images which fold down into
an accordion of triangles by Louise Neaderland  of Brooklyn, New York;

OVERFLOW a beautifully made water-color illustrated and letterpress printed
hard cover, hand sewn book by Kitty Maryatt and her students at Scripps
College in

And, too close to ignore, the following runner-ups must be mentioned:

Elaine Downing  of Oneonta, New York, for her 4-part colorful fold-out
accordions attached to  a square base, SEASONS;

Emily Martin of Iowa City, Iowa, for her innovative staircase-in-a-book
structure, MY TWELVE STEPS;

Lora Brueck of Worcester, Massachusetts,  for her nostalgic fold-out book
of antique family photos, GREETINGS FROM VERMONT;

Melissa Hatalsky for her finely made miniature book which is housed in an actual
miniature handmade pocketbook, A MOTHER'S PURSE.

Congratulations to  you  all ! And let it be said that the viewers were thrilled
and awed by the expertise, imagination and artistry  of each and every book.
The entries were arranged on long tables with off white coverings, with plenty
of space for viewing.  Colorful artwork hung on the white one and one-half story
walls and all was illuminated with spotlights hidden in the overhead beams.
We hated to dismantle the exhibit. It brought a warm, happy dignity to the
old Yankee Barn !

Anyone wishing to be placed on the mailing list for book making workshops or
future exhibits  please send your snail mail
address to:

The New Art Forum, Box 52, Kingston,MA 02364.

Keep Bookin' !


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