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Sometimes You *Can* Judge a Book by Its Cover (fwd)

Something passed on to me by a friend...just FYI.


  James T. Downey
Legacy Art & BookWorks, Inc.

The person who believes that something cannot be done
should not interrupt the person doing it.

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>"Pages: Innovative Bookmaking Techniques"
>by Linda Fry Kenzle
>Publisher: Krause Publications
>You can find this book and more at
>                         ******
>"Books are powerful," declares artist, designer, and
>author Linda Fry Kenzle. "Between the covers of a book
>lies a new world created by the author. It may be a
>journal of one's innermost thoughts, a sketchbook of
>an artist's drawings, a book of family recipes, a
>summer-vacation scrapbook, schematics for a new
>invention, the musings of a future philosopher, a book
>of pressed flowers to preserve the memories of last
>year's garden, or poems to a lover. The world of books
>is endless. You are the creator."
>"Pages," a book-filled book, showcases richly adorned
>multimedia creations by numerous artists and by Kenzle
>herself, as well as many wonderful step-by-step
>projects. Some works are actually sculptural forms that
>are somewhat removed from practical use as books; these
>stand on their own as works of art. "Going Home," for
>example, is a freestanding scroll composed of a
>watercolor map decorated with painted fish; "Magritte's
>Buckets" is a spiral of running text accompanied by two
>tiny monotype books; "Spirit Book #8: Earth Road"
>incorporates bark paper, binder boards, brass, beads,
>jute, twigs, and a honeysuckle branch, transforming the
>book into a work of nature. All of these creations
>encourage us to broaden our view of the book as a mass-
>produced text-laden object, and we begin to see it as
>an article of self-expression replete with creative
>>From scrolls to folded books to albums to bound books,
>these colorful and unique items incorporate fabric,
>leather, unusual papers, beads, and even twigs, wire,
>and found objects. The examples provide a jumping-off
>point to get you started on your own journey into the
>world of creating your own books. To help you embark
>on that journey, "Pages" features 40 projects complete
>with excellent directions, photos, and diagrams. There
>is good coverage of all the basics (tools, materials,
>kinds of papers, various book forms and their
>construction), but the real emphasis is on awakening
>your own creativity and applying it to this innovative
>craft. Even a more traditional form, such as the bound
>book, offers endless opportunities to be inventive,
>from employing different binding patterns in a variety
>of materials to utilizing myriad decorative techniques
>(stamping, stenciling, spraying, sewing, marbling,
>collaging, and more). There are also templates for
>decorative fill-in-the-blank pages that can be scanned
>into the computer or photocopied on a color copier to
>use in your own books. A resource list at the end
>provides sources for bookmaking art supplies.
>These marvelous creations needn't be simply pieces of
>sculpture or all-purpose blank books. Kenzle provides
>many suggestions for other uses: make a gardener's
>journal to track what's happening in your yard; start
>a recipe book to record family favorites; create a
>wedding or party remembrance to document all sorts of
>details about a special event; keep a travelogue or
>vacation scrapbook; make a baby book to remember all
>those important firsts; or try any number of other
>The craft of bookmaking offers many opportunities to
>explore various other crafts as you experiment with
>different forms and try embellishing these marvelous
>pieces with all sorts of techniques. The guidance in
>"Pages" provides both the practical how-tos and the
>artistic inspiration.
>--Amy Handy is an editor, writer, and crafter.
>Copyright 1998 Amazon.com, Inc. All rights reserved.

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