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Re: teaching bookmaking

Hi everyone,
I am a freelance teacher.  I teach in an outreach program through a local
college, in our city's Children's museum, I present papermaking workshops
throughout our community in schools and businesses, and I also run an art
program for homeschooled kids.  I want to venture into bookmaking, but am
having trouble finding creative and unusual ideas for chidren (And adults).  I
can't even find any good books on the subject-how ironic is THAT?  The closest
I came to good info on the Web is this list, and so far it's been really
quiet.  Can any of you out there help me with suggestions?  Are you willing to
share your ideas with a fellow teacher and take a hand in creating our future
papermakers and bookmakers?  Please let me know!  I am very eager to dive into
bookmaking and await all replies.


Lee Schauer
Milwaukee, WI

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