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Re: teaching bookmaking

Maahmaah wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I am a freelance teacher.  I teach in an outreach program through a local
> college, in our city's Children's museum, I present papermaking workshops
> throughout our community in schools and businesses, and I also run an art
> program for homeschooled kids.

> can't even find any good books on the subject-how ironic is THAT?

A good starter book for working with kids (and adults) for you to glean
from and pass on is Shereen La Plantz' Cover to Cover. She shows a wide
variety of book forms, with directions on how to make them, but none of
the techniques in the book is terribly difficult, nor do the projects
require much in the way of "bookbinding" equipment. There are hundreds
of books out there on the topic of bookbinding, many of them GOOD, do
you know anything yet? I mean, do you know what kind of books you want
to make? { A bonus of using Cover to Cover is that you get to see work
from some members of this list.)

(snip) The closest
> I came to good info on the Web is this list, and so far it's been really
> quiet.
This is an unusual lull, but if you access the moderator's website you
can look at the archives.

Stick around, there is always more to learn and this is a very helpful
group. --erin

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