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Re: teaching bookmaking


There is a good book arts curriculum at

It was put together by Karen Saro and a team of visual artists and educators
for the state of Oregon. The wonderful thing about the curriculum is that it
is very thorough in explaining to teachers (and administrators) how book
arts tie in to the required academic standards.  (In Oregon, children now
have to pass fairly vigorous standards and benchmarks to move through
certain grades). This information can be adapted to many book projects and
be helpful in "selling" art programs to schools who are under pressure to
provide less of what they consider "extracurricular" activities (art) and
more "academics". The Maryhill Museum in the Columbia Gorge will be hosting
a workshop in June to teach teachers and artists who work in residency
programs how to present the material.

I have also done successful book  projects in the classroom (4th/5th) that I
would be happy to share with you, the latest being a collaborative tunnel
books. Kids working in groups of 6-7 designed and built small editions
(enough for each child in the group, and one for the school) The process was
academically engaging as well as fun, and the results were terrific.

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