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Re: teaching bookmaking

Maahmaah wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I am a freelance teacher.  I teach in an outreach program through a local
> college, in our city's Children's museum, I present papermaking workshops
> throughout our community in schools and businesses, and I also run an art
> program for homeschooled kids.  I want to venture into bookmaking, but am
> having trouble finding creative and unusual ideas for chidren (And adults).  I
> can't even find any good books on the subject-how ironic is THAT?  The closest
> I came to good info on the Web is this list, and so far it's been really
> quiet.  Can any of you out there help me with suggestions?  Are you willing to
> share your ideas with a fellow teacher and take a hand in creating our future
> papermakers and bookmakers?  Please let me know!  I am very eager to dive into
> bookmaking and await all replies.
> Thanks,
> Lee Schauer
> Milwaukee, WI
> Maahmaah@xxxxxxx

Dear Lee;
I'm a bookbinder in Northampton Ma., just joined the BookArts-L and
you're the first person I'm messaging.  I hope I'm answering properly.
If I don't hear from you I will write directly to your email address.
Maybe that's the way I'm supposed to respond. Anywho, I've been teaching
bookbinding, basic book and paper repair techniques, marbling and paper
decorating, and all kinds of fun art books for the past ten year.  I've
developed curriculum for all ages and levels of experience. I marble and
decorate papers with paste and stamp art at all levels, earliest
preschool right through to elder hostel. With K-6 I do very simple
pamphlet style bindings with predrilled holes. We focus mostly on
decoration and simple sewing stitches with yarn.  With older students
I've done origami books in star patterns and accordion fold-outs. At
high school level we've completed flat back, blanket stitched, hard
cover books. With adult populations, I teach one day, two day and week
long classes.  These are more intensive because of the amount of time
available, and often we focus on more traditional bookbinding projects.
I've worked up more than a dozen book kits, in which I precut the parts,
so that with limited time students can focus on techniques of assembly
and chronology.  Of course, they go home with templates so they can cut
an infinite number of additional books on their own.  I have a special
passion for miniatures. So along with the serious bookbinding, I do
matchbox sets of earings and pins, tiny books in slip cases, books that
transform into sculpture and sit inside clam shell boxes.

You are so fortunate to have more time with students.  If I had more
time, I'd do composition, maybe stories or poetry prior to making books.
Maybe we'd do letterform projects and more incorporating of designs.
Anyway, I would love to talk with you more about all this.  You are
welcome to contact me directly at: deasasso@xxxxxxxxxxx

I love sharing ideas, techniques, experiences, new projects, and I have
two book structures in particular I could send with directions that you
could try. Take care and have fun. I look forward to hearing from you.

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