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Re: teaching bookmaking

There is also a new book out by Kathy Blake that looked pretty
basic and seemed to have a ton of photos and step by step instructions.

I don't recall the title, something like Handmade Books.

Take care,


From:   D. Guffey[SMTP:dguff@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent:   Sunday, May 03, 1998 4:08 PM
To:     BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject:        Re: teaching bookmaking

At 09:27 PM 5/2/98 EDT, you wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>I am a freelance teacher....
>I can't even find any good books on the subject-how ironic is THAT?

Hi Lee,

In addition to the suggestions made, I suggest the following which are very
good for beginners as well as those already into book arts:

"Books, Boxes & Wraps...Binding & Building Step-by-Step" by Marilyn Webberly
& JoAn Forsyth.  Great illlustrations and easy to follow instructions. (ISBN

"Making Books by Hand" by Mary McCarthy & Philip Mama.  Beautiful
photographs of book arts as well as instructions. (ISBN 1-56496-328-4)

"Pop-O-Mania...How to Create Your Own Pop-Ups" by Barbara Valenta.  This is
a great book for children (and adults) as it is an actual pop-up book
showing how to make pop-ups.  You can acually see what the project will look
like.  (ISBN 0-8037-1947-7)

Hope this helps,


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