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Re: British Library unveils new electronic manuscripts

I went to the websites listed below and found the block prints to be quite

A few years ago I did a series of Goddesses taken from various cultures
(including the Virgin Mary) that I constructed from clay and then I
inserted a moulded handmade paper face.  The clay was rakued fired and I
must admit that the results were interesting with the crackling effect in
the glaze and then pure white faces fitted inside the hole after the

In and around the time of doing my research for this project, I took a
papermaking course from The Carriage House in Boston.  When we had a free
day, I went to the Art & Historical Museum there and wandered into a room
that had Goddesses from India that included Buddism.  (I must add that
until I began this research, I knew very little about it and other
religions and it really opened up my eyes, soul and spirit).  What struck
me when I walked into this room and sent a rod of lightening in my stomach
was a Buddist Goddess (sorry I can't remember her name off hand) sculptured
from stone around AD 800 that looked very much like the Virgin Mary with
her hand up in what we would call today - a peace sign.  It hit home again
when I looked at the block prints and the Budda had his hand up in a peace

It is amazing how cultures seem to cross each other in many small ways, and
yet in some cases we can't get along.  This may sound naive to some of you
on the list, but that small peace sign carrys a lot of weight for me and
how civilization has tried to spread that word around for eons. (sigh).

Thanks for the website Ron.

Colette Vosberg

Ron gave the list:

> http://portico.bl.uk/diglib/treasures/diamond-sutra.html
> http://portico.bl.u
> k/diglib/treasures/da-vinci-notebook.html
> http://portico.bl.uk/diglib/treasu
> res/lindisfarne.html
> http://portico.bl.uk/diglib/treasures/sforza-hours.html
> http://portico.bl.uk/diglib/treasures/tyndale-bible.html
> http://portico.bl.
> uk/diglib/magna-carta/magna-carta.html
> ...then most of the works mentioned are up for viewing on the 'net, just
> not with the handy-dandy, page-turning program that they spoke of, that's
> available to users at the library itself.
> >Ron you are always so good to us.
> Thanks Janet, although I do trust and have faith that there are those who
> might feel otherwise -- it's good to have balance in one's life.
> Ron ;)
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>                        P  S  Y  M  O  N  ?  ?  ?  ?
>                        http://home.istar.ca/~psymon
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