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Re: teaching bookmaking

dear dea,
I will be teaching six weeks of art camp this summer, with the goal of
incorporating computers and bookbindig. each week will have to be a
separate unit, that does not build on the one before, but some children
will be enrolled for the whole six weeks. Your message to Lee was very
helpful and Iwas hoping you could send the info on the two projects to
me, also. Thankyou--em

To dea and all--
The kids ages will range from 6 to 10, in 3 age-separated 40 minute
classes every day. Can you give me any tips on what skills they might
have mastered (i.e. scissors, folding, computers,etc.)or on helping
things flow smoothly, so we can accomplish the most?
Thanks --erin

dea sasso wrote:

> I love sharing ideas, techniques, experiences, new projects, and I have
> two book structures in particular I could send with directions that you
> could try. Take care and have fun. I look forward to hearing from you.

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