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Bad Leather

I never met a leather I didn't like.  -I think not!

I recenly worked on a project for a private client using cow leather,
purchased at a local leather/craft outlet.  These books were part of
a business presentation, very time sensetive and not permanent in any

The leather was very difficult to work with.  It stretched like the
dickens, dulled the blade in my paring tool after 8 - 10" and often
stredded instead of paring.

I'm beginning to work with several graphic artists in town and I'm
sure this situation will happen again.  I'm wondering if anyone can
give me advice on using less than standard bookbinding leather.

Have you worked on projects like this and found a certain kind of leather
that worked better than cow but is still readily available in the
leather/craft shops?  Are there any special techniques for working with
cow leather?

Any response would be appreciated, either to the entire list or to me

Thanks in advance.

Artemis BonaDea

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