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Re: Bad Leather

Artemis BonaDea wrote:
> I never met a leather I didn't like.  -I think not!
> I recenly worked on a project for a private client using cow leather,
> purchased at a local leather/craft outlet.  These books were part of
> a business presentation, very time sensetive and not permanent in any
> way.
> The leather was very difficult to work with.  It stretched like the
> dickens, dulled the blade in my paring tool after 8 - 10" and often
> stredded instead of paring.

Sounds like you got a chrome-tanned skin. I had similar experiences a
long time ago. If you've got to use leather from a craft store try to
get vegetable tanned. At least you can pare it, though if it's cow
it'll still be a struggle. A suggestion would be to get it as thin as
you can and pare minimally if at all. And if it's too clunky for your
client tell them they could give you a reasonable time frame and pay
you enough to get the real stuff.
 Well, we can dream, can't we?:)


Don Rash fine bookbinder
50 Burke St.
Plains, PA 18705
email: DNRash@xxxxxxxx
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