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Artists Books: A Critical Survey of the Literature

<smaller>Announcing the publication of:

Artists Books: A Critical Survey of the Literature by Stefan Klima

The first and only published guide to writings on artists books this
book contains five lucid essays and a carefully researched, thorough
bibliography. An important reference tool for anyone interested in
artists books.

*Stefan Klima's text is an invaluable resource for anyone wishing to
explore the development of critical debates on artists books. Beginning
with documentation from the late 1960s Klima carefully charts the
discussion of several central issues: the identity of artists books,
their disputed origins, and their current status. His summary of
debates is handled with the even-handedness of an outsider; he maps the
sometimes fractious and frequently contentious dialogues among
interested parties with scrupulous care. His bibliography is a
thoroughly useful guide to the critical and historical texts. It has
the advantage of being well focused on the topic and thus serves as an
essential point of departure for any student, librarian, critic, or
collector interested in pursuing the literature on artists books. A
welcome addition to a steadily growing body of works in the field.*

*Johanna Drucker.

Johanna Drucker is an artist, scholar and writer. She is the author of
The Century of Artists Books, The Alphabetic Labyrinth and The Visible
Word among many other books. She is an associate Professor at Yale

Stefan Klima was born in Oldham, England. He has a degree in art and a
Ph.D in American Music. Currently Head of Fine and Performing Arts at
the Beverly Hills Public Library Stefan Klima has been an observer of
artists books since 1985. This is his first book.

$17.95 (+ $3 shipping, domestic + sales tax, NY only)

110 pages, paperback original

ISBN 1-887123-18-0

Publication date: May 1, 1998

Published by:

Granary Books

568 Broadway #403

New York City 10012



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