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Re: Van Vechton

In a message dated 98-05-05 00:59:39 EDT, you write:

<< I'm afraid I can't help you on Van Vechton, but I have to say she was not
 first woman letterpress printer in the U.S. That honor goes to Elizabeth
 Glover who set up her Cambridge Press at Harvard in 1638. OK, it wasn't the
 U.S. then. In any case I suggest you might want to look at Kathleen Walkup's
 article on the subject "By Sovereign Maiden's Might: Notes on Women in
 Printing" Fine Print" Vol. 11, No. 2. April, 1985.


Thanks so much for writing. Though Kathy Walkup is on my list of resources, I
haven't as yet contacted her. Do you have any idea how I can reach her? I only
know to go through Mills College. Of course, I'll look at the article right
away. I appreciate your detailed help.

Mary Crest

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