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Re: The Bridge Reviw

Spent about an hour at the website.  Besides Susan's contribution, there
are several other stories and poems worth reading.  For those Canadian's on
the list, there is a Poem - New Pine Hill and a French titled story written
in English that may be of interest.

Thanks Susan for telling us about it.  By the way - how do you pronounce
Celtic - Seltic or Keltic?  I think it depends on whether your Irish or
Scottish decent doesn't it?

Colette Vosberg

 Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord wrote:

>         I have some work in The Bridge Review, an online literary
magazine out
> of UMass Lowell. My piece is called Calendar Journey which is a personal
> journey through the year focusing on the traditional celebrations of the
> Celtic calendar at the solstices, equinoxes, and midpoints between them.
> I've also done an edition book version of it.
>         The Bridge Review can be found at
> http://valley.uml.edu/fcf/

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