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Re: "Perfect" replacements for "perfect" bindings.

Thanks to everyone who replied on this topic.  I've got a lot of material to
mull over.  I'm still not very inclined to go with an adhesive binding, but
perhaps that is because I don't have a very good mental picture of how sturdy
and useable the final result will be.  (As Duncan Campbell said: With me so
far.  It's difficult to do this with out pictures.)

I guess the part that bothers me about the (double)fan binding is that it seems
to require the pages/paper itself to be the hinge, and if I read Duncan's
message about folding a corner of the paper back and forth to see if the paper
is strong enough....  after thinking it over a lot, that aspect just doesn't
appeal to me at all, and seems to be trading the endurance of the binding
materials and process against the endurance of the paper.  Which is not to say
I have anything against it a priori, it just doesn't fit with my personality.
I'll stop rambling now.  Thanks again to everyone who responsed.


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