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Re: exhibition fees

Dear Melissa:
 BOOK EXPLORATIONS '98 was well received and the books were outstanding.
We were very pleased with the response and hope that next year all prizes
will be monetary.  Instead of losing $500, it was only about $250 ( not
including about 200 hours of volunteer labor, of course.)

Unfortunately the book artists had great expense with entry fee,two-way
shipping and insurance if they so wished. Did you ever think of this: That
it is the public who comes to view the art that really should pay the
expenses ?!!!!!
Such is art.
    The U.S. Mail was great...only a few boxes were a little dog-eared and
it was really interesting to see that the small books just wrapped in
bubble wrap and placed in a mailing envelope came through just fine to us
!! Other books were wraped and rewrapped, boxed and reboxed, with plastic
peanuts, etc. in between...a herculean task of packing, both ways, but
seemingly lot less risky than an envelope.  Had only one complaint,so far,
on the return of a book -  thankfully  somewhat minor, but the complaint
was justified.

The press, including the major Boston Globe  were wonderful...most included
one of the photos I sent them of a particular book along with a commentary. A
follow up story, with picture, was slightly erroneous...we must try to get the
press interviewers to show or call us about their article before it goes to
press !  It is carelessness on THEIR part, but makes the interviewee look
bad.  The local radio  stations and local cable were cooperative, too.

I would suggest to anyone running an exhibit to allow about 4 weeks lead
time between deadline and actual opening, and get the judges right in there
immediately after delivery of the artworks....everything takes longer than
you expect.  In retrospect, it was really a lot of fun , and MANY THANKS to
all of you out there on the List who sent in your exquisite artwork to share.
Although Peter V. advised that it is customary to publish a catalog it was
impossible this year....so we are looking for some outside funding for

Cheers - Lilias

Original note to Lilias from Melissa:

>Yes, thanks very much to Lilias for her deliniation of the tasks involved to
>put on a show - it was great, and no exxageration, (and it saves me some
>Though the Chicago Center for Book and Paper Arts is affiliated with Columbia
>College, the exhibitions budget allotted to us is extremely small.  We have a
>yearlong schedule of excellent book and paper arts shows, closing only in
>August.  Almost all of these are curated, with a few open calls.
>When the idea for a Biennial came up, we knew that by making it a juried show
>we would lose some of the older, established artists who, in any case, have
>ample opportunities  to exhibit.  The idea is to feature new and emerging book
>and paper artists, and to help to advance the profile of the book arts in
>general.  Regardless of how Venice does it, it's going to happen every two
>years so it's a Biennial.  It would have been much easier to have a curated,
>invitational exhibition, but we really want to see what's out there.  And,
>since it is juried, it will be an exhibition based on the work itself and not
>on Names.
>The entry fees will cover the things Lilias mentioned, especially insurance
>and shipping of accepted works*, and airfare and accomodations for the
>excellent jury.
>Bringing the jury together allows them to confer while viewing the work,
>rather than sending each of them the slides in turn and attempting to
>coordinate their decisions by email, fax and phone.  There are no plans for
>awards or catalogs for this years' show (the entry fees won't stretch to
>that), though there will be a brochure with an essay and plenty of exposure.
>We are not a commercial gallery, but sales have been known to happen, and we
>take 30%.
>*It's this item alone that is forcing us to restrict the first exhibition to
>the U.S.
>I hope this offers some clarification re/ the Biennial & this thread.
>Melissa Jay Craig

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