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Re: exhibition fees

Almost on the topic...

I founded the Inernatiional Society of Copier Artists in 1982 ( contributing
artist membership is $30 annual) and for the past 16 years have received each
year at least  2 dozen often angry letters from artists excoriating me for
having this fee. When I reply to these artists , and ask how the cost of
$500-$700 per issue of the I.S.C.A.Quarterly should be paid- there is no
answer. I have received no salary for my labors (16 years worth), contributed
an ever larger segment of my studio to running the Society, storing our
traveling exhibition ( free with membership),  storing back issues of the
Quarterly, expanding our institutional subscriber list ( now equal in size to
our membership), taking care of correspondence, etc. etc. etc. - all of this
to promote the exposure of xerographic book and print artists.

So- thank you Lilias and the Chicago people- it is worth doing and sometimes
appreciated. Louise Neaderland

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