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Re: Foam wedge book supports

United Foam sells "Clarkson book supports"
attn: Mae
2175 Partin Settlement
Kissimee FL 34744-8697
407. 933. 4880
Available in "small, med. & large", they come with lightweight cotton
covered leaded strings (curtain weights, I think) for holding pages
open.  You will find that the foam sheds fine, gritty particles; we
provide oversized acrylic felt sheets to be laid over the whole assembly
before setting up the books for the user.

Re: cutting your own supports with the electric carving knife, it works
well for smaller supports (under 12") but we've found for cutting larger
blocks, the knife isn't long enough to make one clean cut, and one ends
up with ragged surfaces. The added time, mess, etc. aren't worth it,
especially if there is no studio available as in most libraries.

Yours, Nora Lockshin
Book Conservation Dept.                 The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Phone:  (212) 650-2891                  Thomas J. Watson Library
Fax:    (212) 570-3847                  1000 Fifth Ave.
E-Mail: metart2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx       New York, NY 10028

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