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Electric knives (was Foam wedges)


Please don't know the electric knife.  My father (and now my brother)
were in the butcher supply business.  My father had nothing but scorn for
the electric knife.  It was not a real knife.  Anyhow, my wife and I got
one as a wedding gift in the 1960's and it is still my favorite for
cutting tender material in thin slices without tearing or mutilating.  We
even get invited to people's houses when they're having turkey so that I
can bring along my trusty electric knife and poultry shears.  Needless,
to say I have quite an armamentarium of many of the finest manual carving
knives available.  None come near the electric for ease and quality of
cutting.  In any case, I agree, it should be very good for foam.

For those who don't know this product the cutting is done by two,
serrated, reciprocating blades.  Each is like a serrated knife--very
sharp-- and the cuting is like you tried to cut with a knife making about
1 cm. moves back and forth.  If you have that much patience, you don't
need an electric.  If not, you might try one.


.but those dumb electric knives
> that everyone purchased for the high tech thanksgiving table back in the
> 1960's work just as well on foam.  Give it a try! The price is right.
> Michael Morin
> At 02:21 PM 5/6/98 -0600, you wrote:
> >Is anyone aware of a source for foam wedge book supports in the U.S.? This
> >style was introduced by Chris Clarkson many years ago. Thanks.
> >

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