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Re: Foam wedge book supports

Gee...ok, Here goes!....

Hold both hands together at chest level in front of you, with palms up,
touching side by side, pinky to pinky .  Notice how your hands naturally
cup to form a cradle shape...perfect for a washing you face, holding a baby
or a book.  A foam cradle is a substitute for that shape.  The idea is to
support the book so it doesn't lay flat, damaging a fragile spine.  Ever
notice how babies like to lay on their back with all their hand \and feet
sticking up...well same reason.  Just a much better position for the baby.
Actually I had a dog that would sleep the same was but that is another
story...perhaps on a different list...anyway, a foam cradle is made by
talking two, 2 or 3 thick inch foam blocks about the same size as your book
covers.  Use a Hamilton Beach electric knife or any such equivalent wonder
tool with 2 reciprocating slicing blades. Cut through the edge of each foam
block to form a wedge shape, tapering from zero down to an inch or two
across the face of the foam.  The to blocks placed next to each other flat
together on a table would form a little house-like box, the thicker edges
forming a pitched roof configuration.  Now, turn each foam block around 180
degrees so that, instead of a roof, the foam blocks form a valley!  Adjust
the gap in the center to accommodate the size and thickness of your baby, I
mean Book!, and you just made yourself a foam a cradle. Make sure you keep
track of both the baby and or the knife.  Either do well, when dropped of
the edge of a table.

Good luck with my modest explanation

Michael Morin

Buffalo NY

At 11:02 AM 5/8/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Dear Michael - you are so good at describing things...would you describe,
>please, what one of the foam wedge book supports looks like?  Somehow my
>memory goes blank..have I missed a revolutionary development?

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