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Friends of Dard Hunter Conference

I have cross listed this message so please forgive the duplication.

>  I'll take this opportunity to tell you about the upcoming Friends of
> Hunter Conference.  It is taking place this year in Burlington, Vermont
> from July 20th to July 25th.  It is a conference that discusses
> papermaking, techniques, and book arts.  There are various tours and
> actitivites planned as well.  I attended the one in NYC two years ago and
> it was fantastic.
> Basic fee: $190 and conference.   Accommodation - dormatory room at the
> university is $24 (single) or $19 (double) per night - so single for 4
> would be $96.00.  Pretty damn good I'd say!
> If your not a member and would like to be or want more information,
> contact:
> Friends of Dard Hunter
> C/O Wavell Cowan
> HCR 34, Box 45
> Montpelier, VT 05602
> We get four newsletters per year being a member and a directory that I
> used to help both the papermaking list and the book arts list.  Very good
> resource material.

Colette Vosberg

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