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Fairs and Markets

I have reserved space at an outdoor market that takes place each summer
here in Salt Lake on Thursday evenings in conjunction with a free concert
series. I plan on selling portfolios, boxes and books. This is the first
time I've tried selling my books. I've given a way a million as gifts, but
never tried to sell any. Does anyone have any helpful suggestions for a

Should I let people touch and handle the books (there's food at this
event...) or should I have just a couple of display copies?

I feel like I should try to keep the prices down because people mainly come
to hear the music and don't always bring check books etc. Any

Have any of you had any negative experiences accepting checks in settings
like this?

I'm also trying to come up with a clever, easy-to-set-up and strike
display. There's always the possibility of rain (although slight in the
desert in July).

I hope this isn't a topic that was run into the ground right before I
signed on to the list. I look forward to hearing your experiences and
recomendations. I'm hoping this will at least be a good way to get a lot of
business cards out floating around.

Thanks for your advice, I'm enjoying this list immensely!
Alana in Salt Lake

P.S. I'm going to be in the Burlington VT area at the end of July, any more
tidbits on that conference? It sounds very very tempting.

Alana <alanak@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Le difficile, ce n'est pas de donner. C'est de ne pas tout donner.

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