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Outdoor Fairs

Outdoor art fairs are a great way to sell your work. They attract lots of
local people and, sometimes, local shops and galleries who may want to
handle more of your work.

That's the good news...

They're a lot of trouble to set up and dismantle, some are expensive (so
choose your fairs carefully for location and reputation), they're tiring and
boring (the first fair I did when I lived in California was a three day
affair and I sold ZIP. At the end of the 3 days, I was virtually snarling at
the wandering crowd and wishing I'd never decided to be an artist).

I think it's best to have your books in a case of some kind and handle them,
for the most part yourself when showing them to the customer. They'll get
less shopworn that way. And, yes, keep your prices as low as you'll settle
for. It's always the low end stuff that sells first.

Don't forget the sunscreen, a hat and plenty of water!

good luck,


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