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Re: temporary tattoos

It is called "mehndi:.

     La-Dosha Mehndi - selling mehndi kits of imported Indian henna.
     Mehndi Magic.com - specializing in henna-mehndi products.
     Beautiful Art of Mehndi - henna tatooing products and services.
     Mehndi Body Art - selling henna body art tattoo products.
     Body Art Supply - offering henna mehndi products, body paints, body
jewelry and more.

Martha Fay wrote:
> Peter--
> Perhaps you are thinking of henna painting?  It is type of temporary
> tattooing and I believe it origniates in India or thereabouts.  It has
> become increasingly popular in the U.S. lately and the supplies are =
> sold
> at many *alternative* clothing and music stores.
> -Martha Fay
> Martha Fay
> Program Assistant, The Folger Institute
> 201 East Capitol Street, SE, Washington, DC  20003-1094
> (202) 675-0333 (phone); (202) 544-4623 (fax)
> fay@xxxxxxxxxx; www.folger.edu

> > In regards to temporary tattoos, I saw something on television a few
> > days ago
> > about a form of temporary tattoos that last a few months, had
> > something to do
> > with a form of Indian art. If anyone has any info on this please e
> > mail me
> > directly.
> >=20
> > Sorry about the post not really a book issue but I saw the subject on
> > the list.
> >=20
> > Thanks

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