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Re: Fairs and Markets

Alana and Everyone Else,
I have participated in an outdoor fair only once and it was a pretty good
experience. I went in not expecting much, so selling the few books I did
was great. I didn't have much to sell anyway and they were small fairly
simple structures, but with funky embellishments, so I didn't ask a lot of
money. In fact, the funnest part of the experience was bargaining with
buyers. I found this to be the best way to move the stuff. When the buyer
thought I was asking too much, I offered to throw in something else for a
little bit more and it worked out that I still made a small profit. The
worst aspect was the sun! beware, the sun began to play with the adhesive
on the books (PVA) I displayed and corners started to lift. So, there's my
two cents. Good luck, Tanya

Tanya DiMaggio
Gregory Fisk

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