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Need some help, advice...

Hi everyone,

I think I may be getting into a bit of trouble here...and sure could use
some advice from any and all view points.  :)

This morning I was contacted by a gentlemen who wants me to publish and
bind 60 -100 copies of a book of poetry he has written.  Now I have done
some vanity press work before, but NOTHING of this magnitude....it was
always 1-5 copies of a short story or poems or such.

He explained that he has sent his manuscript to some publishing houses and
the cost and number of books is highly prohibitive.....thus he called
me...curious.  I was honest and told him that I have never worked in this
magnitude before, but he remains undaunted by that.  I also explained that
I bind by hand and it would take me quite a bit of time....he says a year
would be fine if I needed it.

Basically I tried everything I could think of to talk him out of it...but
he insisted on sending me his manuscript for my review....and a price
quote.  Never thinking that anyone would EVER call me and ask such a
question I am totally unprepared to talk intelligently about it...and
apologized to him for my lack of ability to talk professionally about a job
like this.  Again...not a problem as far as he was concerned.

Because of his insistence, I promised only to review the work (100 pages of
poetry) and to let him know if I could feasibly undertake such a job.  On
the one hand, it would be very exciting to take on such a challenge...and I
feel as if I would be "up to the task" so to speak, but I know there must
be other things that I should know....think about...do.

Any advice at all would be most welcome.

With much respect,
Melissa Hatalsky
Sweet Impressions
Paper and Book Arts Studio
Central NY

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