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Re: Need some help, advice...


It does sound like you could get yourself in over your head if you are not
careful.  I can't really talk about what would be involved (except lots of
hard work and time!), but I would be very careful in pricing.  This guy
seems to want you to work on his book no matter what.  If so, make him pay
for it.  Once you figure out what your labor, materials, etc. costs would
be, make sure you round that figure up liberally.  You definitely don't
want to lose money on a job you aren't sure you want.

And if you really don't want the job, but the customer is very insistent,
give him a quote that you know he will refuse.  If he doesn't, then take
the job and know you will be VERY well paid!

Best of luck,

At 12:49 PM 5/15/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>I think I may be getting into a bit of trouble here...and sure could use
>some advice from any and all view points.  :)
>This morning I was contacted by a gentlemen who wants me to publish and
>bind 60 -100 copies of a book of poetry he has written.  Now I have done
>some vanity press work before, but NOTHING of this magnitude....it was
>always 1-5 copies of a short story or poems or such.
>{deleted text}
>Any advice at all would be most welcome.
>With much respect,
>Melissa Hatalsky
>Sweet Impressions
>Paper and Book Arts Studio
>Central NY

  Eric Alstrom
  Athens, Ohio

... and it is remarkable, thinks Russ, how much earthly
disturbance, how much summer and dust the mind can manage
to order up from a single Latin letter lying flat.

                        Don DeLillo, Underworld (1997)

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