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Re: Need some help, advice...


I've done enough freelance projects like this to know that they require an
immense amount of hand-holding, client meetings, and explanations that you
can't imagine up front. First-time authors often need to be "taught" about
the process as you work through it. They *can* be a real pain in the butt.
Be sure you build a cost for that into your estimate.

Good luck,

Greg Britton
Round River Press
Madison, Wisconsin

>At 12:49 PM 5/15/98 -0400, you wrote:
>>Hi everyone,
>>I think I may be getting into a bit of trouble here...and sure could use
>>some advice from any and all view points.  :)
>>This morning I was contacted by a gentlemen who wants me to publish and
>>bind 60 -100 copies of a book of poetry he has written.  Now I have done
>>some vanity press work before, but NOTHING of this magnitude....it was
>>always 1-5 copies of a short story or poems or such.
>>{deleted text}
>>Any advice at all would be most welcome.
>>With much respect,
>>Melissa Hatalsky
>>Sweet Impressions

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