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Re: Need some help, advice...

I have a friend whose business actually supports him; his rule of thumb
for large projects is:
** figure out the cost for the supplies (as though you had to order
everything from scratch--don't count that you could be using left-overs or
scrap that you already have);
** figure out the amount of time you think it will take you, and pay
yourself an hourly wage that means you could support yourself (i.e., not
minimum wage);
** multiply the sum of those amounts by 3. This is what the project will
actually cost in terms of time and supplies, and headache.

This formula has worked for years, and it is a successful business. I also
follow it and while I often feel a bit guilty at first with what seems
like a large dollar amount, in the end I almost always feel it was a fair
price for the amount of time spent that wasn't expected or included (such
as the original planning and calculating, supply ordering, shipping costs,
negotiating with an artist who had an idea ...)

Ann Frellsen                         phone: 404-727-0307
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